Reaching Your God-Ordained Destiny

Click here to watch the video! Once you know who you are there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your God-ordained destiny! Join Tara as she shares this quick one-minute teaching on our identity in Jesus Christ.

Don’t Believe the Lies!

Click here to watch the video! Let’s talk about the lies of the Enemy and how to overcome, especially in the areas of our identity in Christ, marriage, and motherhood. We don’t have to believe the lies anymore!

Make a “Thankful Wall” with your Kids

Click here to watch the video! Here’s Brandi with a great activity to do with your kids throughout November to help your family focus on gratitude while leading up to Thanksgiving. It doesn’t take a lot of time each day, … Read More

You are Always Wanted!

Click here to watch the video! Even though we might be rejected by the people in our lives, God never rejects us! We are His daughters and He has good things in store for us! “God places the lonely in … Read More

Pray Big Prayers!

Click here to watch the video! It’s fascinating to think that When we pray, we pray to our God who is outside of time. So our prayers impact not only our present situation but also our descendants as well. Why … Read More

Pray Prayers You can Trust God to Answer

Click here to watch the video! Have you been praying for your husband but it doesn’t seem like anything ever changes?  Are you continually frustrated by what he does or doesn’t do? I want to challenge you today to pray … Read More

An Easy Way to Make Room for Prayer

Click here to watch the video! Do you have a quiet place to retreat to have quiet time with the Lord? Do you remove yourself to a prayer closet to block out the noise and distraction from the world to … Read More

Let God Lead You!

Click here to watch the video! Are you having trouble figuring out how to get your child to sleep through the night? Maybe you are at a loss with your finances or are in a tough spot in your marriage. … Read More

Behavior Charts: Reward Motivation Made Easy

Click here to watch the video! As parents, we all have times where we struggle with behavioral issues in our children. Sometimes the issues are mild, sometimes they are relentless. Maybe you have a special needs child like me (Brandi) … Read More

Why should I spend time in God’s Word?

Click here to watch the video! Why study God’s word? Not because you HAVE to, but because you GET to! God’s word gives us the power and wisdom to be the best versions of ourselves!