Asking the Spirit to Show You Your Child’s Heart

‘All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace. ‘ Isaiah 54:13

My eldest son recently started school. The first few mornings were difficult at drop-off, but he soon settled in. The bigger problems came at pick up. There were meltdowns, tears, running away, and total disobedience. I knew a lot of his behavior was from being overtired and stimulated, and I presumed he would get better as he got more accustomed to the routine. Boy, was I wrong!

The worst day struck when Ollie was screaming and crying on the playground and refused to go home (I had his younger brother in a pushchair, which made the situation even harder). Eventually, we were the last ones left, and he finally agreed to walk to the chair once the groundskeeper said he had to lock the gates. By the time we made it back to the car, all three of us were crying. The evening didn’t improve, and by the time I took him to bed, I felt absolutely broken. 

As I lay next to my beautiful son with tears rolling down my face, I cried out to the Lord with all the strength I had left in me. I asked the Spirit to actively show me my son’s heart so that I could understand what was happening with him and how I could help him. Almost immediately, I got an answer, Praise the Lord! 

Ollie was struggling to vocalize his emotions, and his frustration was bubbling over into tears and meltdowns. I asked the Spirit to teach him to express his feelings in a healthier way and to teach me ways to facilitate this. I implemented a better morning and evening routine to give him more structure and a reward system to ensure his good behavior was actively rewarded. I also prayed every night for the Spirit to teach him how to express and vocalize his emotions in a positive way. Soon Ollie started to tell me exactly how he was feeling. ‘Mummy, I am sad, Mummy, I am nervous, Mummy, I am tired,’ and I would acknowledge his feelings, and we would talk about them, and his behavior started to improve. 

When there was a vacation from school, I was nervous about how his behavior would be on his return. It was a miracle! He was like a completely different child. He was happy to see me, held my hand back to the car, told me about his day, and was generally happy until bedtime. He even started to ask to go to bed before bedtime because he was feeling extra tired!

Sisters, the Spirit is our helper and our teacher. Not only will He open our children’s hearts to us to enable us to know and help them better. He will also teach them too (Isaiah 54:13).

🙏 Pray with me-

Holy Spirit, thank You for being my guide, teacher, and best friend. Please show me my children’s hearts so that I might better understand them and help them navigate this world. Forgive me for the times I impose my will on my children, and remind me always to seek Your perfect will for their lives. I pray that I will always remember that You are a willing partner when it comes to parenting my children and that not only will You teach me to guide them, but that You actively teach them too. Thank You for this amazing gift. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Love and blessings,

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