God, are You a Morning Person?

God, sometimes I think you’re a morning person.  I can imagine how excited You get as the Earth spins and brings a new day to each continent. How You smile as the cities, towns, and villages start to wake up. … Read More

A Mothers Day Gift for You!

🌹Happy Mother’s Day to YOU! Enjoy a FREE month of our NEW May Mothering Kit as a gift from all of us at Help Club! We are so thankful for each and every one of you! Go to myhelpclubformoms.com and … Read More

Kacy’s Little Devos: Claim Your Ground!

There is always something you can do when you feel like you are out of options. Mama, if your heart is feeling discouraged or you’re battling with hopelessness, there is a powerful Truth for you today from God’s Word. Join … Read More