Nurturing Your Child’s Faith – Printable

The spiritual development of our children is one of the greatest privileges and most important tasks we have as mothers! We know them better than anyone and are charged with pointing them to their heavenly Father – the One who … Read More

Prepare for the Unexpected – Printable

No one enjoys thinking about the negative “what ifs” that life may bring our way, but it is important to be prepared for them. However, this preparedness does not come out of a place of fear or apprehension, but out … Read More

Easter Garden- Printable

Spring will soon be in the air and what better way to celebrate new life than with a fun Easter garden with your kiddos? Not only is this a fun activity for spring, but a teaching opportunity as well. Engage … Read More

Resurrection Eggs– Printable

Hey dear Mamas! If you’re ready for another fun Easter craft to engage your kiddos, then try out these Resurrection Eggs! Each egg contains an element of the Easter story that corresponds to Scripture readings. This activity engages younger and … Read More

Passover – Printable

Passover signals the coming end of Lent – situated during Passion Week and just before Easter! This can be a hectic time, but Passover is a special space to grow closer to the Lord and understand His great love and … Read More

Scriptures for Busy Moms

Hey busy Mamas! It can be so easy and tempting to cave into the busy schedules and hectic lifestyles that we live, but remember that Jesus is with you! These 11 verses are meant to encourage you this week during … Read More