Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

“Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Hebrews 5:18

I adore autumn. The brilliance of hues as trees and bushes shed their bright emerald summer dresses in favor of golden-yellows, fiery oranges, earthy browns, and eye-catching reds. Not to mention, the squash, pumpkin, and Indian corn bedecked tables and porches, paired with the scents and tastes of spiced cider as cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg infuse everything. Even the smell of woodsmoke and decay of fallen leaves is glorious to my senses. Mm, yes, there is much to enjoy about autumn if you experience the changing seasons where you live.

And, synonymous with autumn—or perhaps the conclusion of it—is the Pilgrim-inspired U.S. holiday, called “Thanksgiving.” Birthed out of an unbelievably devastating attempt to settle this harsh country where nearly half of the scant 102 members of the Plymouth, Massachusetts colony died from illness or starvation, the annual tradition of “giving thanks” is truly inspirational. Ironically, Thanksgiving Thursday, the yearly occasion for counting our blessings, is followed by another yearly tradition; Black Friday, known for its tempting bargains nationwide and, all-to-often, jaw-dropping greed and self-serving behavior as shoppers jostle and fight for worldly treasure.

Friend, this attitude; our fickle behavior—which I am also guilty of—is so contrary to God’s will for us, which is to “give thanks in all circumstances.” What if we practiced having an attitude of gratitude year-round not just in November? Proclaiming, as our brave forefathers, the Pilgrims and the apostle Paul, did; that God is worthy of our thanksgiving and praise at all times and in all situations—not just when life is wonderful but amid the worst of times, too. As we move into the end of this year, let us focus daily—hourly—on all that we have, rather than what we have not, and strive to cultivate graciousness, kindness, and generosity in our children by reminding them of God’s goodness and His gifts in every winter, spring, summer, and autumn of our lives.

Bek Measmer and the Help Club for Moms Team


Bek Measmer

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