Every Mom Needs The Holy Spirit

“And the Spirit Lord will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.”-Isaiah‬ ‭11:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Sweet mom, do you believe these seven dimensions of the Holy Spirit are available to you as you navigate your motherhood journey? Or do we think these are only for those who have been called to ministry?

Motherhood is our primary place of ministry, and mamas we NEED to desire the manifestation of these dimensions of the Holy Spirit in our lives! Every gift and manifestation of God’s spirit in any dimension has one goal, to bring us all closer to Jesus.

💙 The Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding: Tell me what mom doesn’t need God’s wisdom to show up in her life. We need the superior wisdom that the Holy Spirit offers us. Haven’t you experienced certain situations in your life that required a deeper understanding and a fresh perspective on wisdom? Ask, and He will give it freely! 

💙 The Spirit of Counsel and Might: With all the questions our kids come to us with, and the number of times we need to supply wise counsel and sound advice, we definitely need God to show us His thoughts and heart so we can offer great counsel. In what ways do you need ‘Might’ to carry the daily burdens that life throws at you? Ask for it today!

💙 The Spirit of Knowledge and the fear of God: Anytime I think of the many nights God wakes me to suddenly check on my kids or ask them pointed questions about what’s going on in their lives, I am reminded of His ever-present help! There have been times when my human knowledge could never have asked the right questions, but this is where the Holy Spirit came in. He supplies us with depths of knowledge that our natural minds could never figure out. Guess what happens when we begin to exhibit this level of depth of knowledge? An automatic reaction of the fear of the Lord comes upon us and our households. Imagine our family’s faith growth when they stand in awe of God!

So, dear mom, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you in a different dimension than you have ever known. Let Him know how much you need and want His Spirit in your life. Desire His presence and manifestation more than anything else, and watch Him show up for you.

🙏 Pray with me-

Lord, I acknowledge that I am nothing without you. May I step into a new dimension of relationship with The Holy Spirit and experience You never like before. Thank you that every gift You give draws me closer to You.  Reveal yourself to me in a new way. Amen

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