God, are You a Morning Person?

God, sometimes I think you’re a morning person. 

I can imagine how excited You get as the Earth spins and brings a new day to each continent. How You smile as the cities, towns, and villages start to wake up. I bet You love it when Your children turn on the lights and reach for their Bibles to spend time with You. I can imagine how much You love it when Your daughters and sons start singing a worship song to welcome the new day. Just as You give birds the gift of morning song, You love hearing Your children’s songs and hearing their prayers.

Then I think about those times a little later in the morning when moms and dads are running around, barely enough time to get their kids out the door and on time for school. They whisper a prayer to You as they get ready for their day, wishing they had more time to sit and talk to You. But they know that You hear their prayers when they’re busy too. Just like You hear them when they’re sitting and spending time with You. I bet You really love those prayers.

My mind then goes to the fact that You probably love the middle of the day too. Many people take time to go for walks and drives while talking to You along the way. They think about upcoming meetings happening later in the day at school or work, and they ask You for help and guidance. I bet You love those prayers so much.

I like to envision the evening time, as families gather around the dinner table and pause to thank You for their food and Your faithful provision. I bet it really warms Your heart to see families taking time to be together and talk about their days with one another and with You as well. I bet it really pleases You to hear families praying together, even if it’s just over a meal.

I wonder about the nighttime and how that might be one of Your favorite times too. I bet You love it when moms and dads pray with their kids before bed, showing their children a lifetime pattern of talking with You before bed. I bet Your heart bursts with love when You hear Your little children praying to You. Their beautiful, child-like faith pleases You and makes You so happy.

And then I think about the fact that You might love the middle of the night as well. I know Your heart breaks for the men and women who lie awake at night with troubling thoughts about situations that they’re going through. I know that You love hearing their prayers, and You love to put their tears in Your bottle and comfort them. You know that they are going to get through this hard season because they are talking about it with You. You are such a compassionate God, and I can imagine how much those prayers of mourning or sadness mean to You. You simply want Your children to turn to You, and it makes You so happy when they do.

As I’ve been thinking, I bet You love all 24 hours of the day equally. You love us all so much, God, and I know it pleases Your heart when we call on You-morning, noon, evening, bedtime, and in the middle of the night. Your eyes are constantly roaming the Earth looking to help those who love You and those who will love You. You are near to the brokenhearted, You are faithful to those who need Your wisdom and help, and You reach out to those who are living a sinful life and don’t even know how much they need You. You are always there, and You are always happy when we cry out to You- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You delight in us; You are so good. We love you!


Your Girl, Deb

“For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His…” 2 Chronicles 16:9

Deb Weakly

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