Grow Your Faith Section 1: How To Follow Jesus

The way to a transformed life starts with Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). If you are searching for meaning in your life, longing for more than what this world can give you, Jesus is standing in front of you with open arms, and has been waiting for you to embrace him. Choosing to follow Christ is the single most life-altering choice you can make; God made it so that you can have ever-lasting life, a renewed purpose, be in right relationship with the Father, Creator of the universe. We have provided some recourses that will walk you through what it means to become a Christian, how to encounter salvation, what some next steps should be, and personal testimonies of real women who said yes to Jesus and now live transformed, faith-filled lives.

<Insert Deb intro video here> This is just a quick overview of what this section is, along the lines of the above paragraph.

Follow this link for a simple explanation of how to invite God into your life.

Peace With God –

You are going to be learning a lot now about the characteristics of the great, one and only God that we worship. Some of it can be a little overwhelming, especially when understanding God to be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Here is a post that offers some sort of clarity to give you a foundation of understanding to build on.

Who is God post – (I searched for it and don’t think we created a post for it yet. But this is the one I wrote)

Here is Deb’s testimony of how God changed her life and her perspective on parenthood.

My Journey to Becoming a Christian Mom –

Beginning a God-filled life is truly transformative. Your human weakness and brokenness has been restored! Here is a post explaining your new identity in Christ.

You Are Free! –

Now, click on steps 2 for more resources as you begin your journey as a new Christian! Welcome to the family of God!

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