Grow Your Faith Section 2: Taking The Next Step

Welcome to the family of God! This section provides answers to some questions you may have, including, “What do I do now?” or, “How do I connect with other believers?” We will address the importance of joining a church, connecting with a small group, baptism, daily devotionals, reading the Bible, and praying, as well as briefly explain who God is. Just remember that, although this might sound like a lot to tackle right off the bat, you now have the discernment and peace of the Holy Spirit living inside of you, traveling with you on this journey of faith.

<Insert Deb’s video here> This is the video explaining what to do next. How to pick a church, join a group, do daily devotional, importance of prayer, etc.

Reading the Bible may seem like a daunting task, but it is the history of us – the story of YOU! To get the most out of reading the Bible, here is a post offering a suggestion for how to start.

Either we write a post on how to read it, or here is a post I found. We could write one kind of following the guidelines of this one.

Another question you might have is how to pray. Here is a post that gives some insight into this.

Now, click on section 3 to continue learn about how being a Christian influences your daily life!

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