How Help Club for Moms has Changed My Life

In the time I have been with the Help Club for Moms, my relationship with Jesus has deepened, and my faith has grown immensely.  The ministry’s focus on Jesus and His Word has helped me to foster intimacy with the Lord.  The devotional books have taught me how to listen to God and how to trust Him with my daily life (including the seemingly mundane things). The Moms tips and the writer’s personal experiences have also helped to shape what a Christ-focused home should look like for me.

You see… I didn’t become a Christian till two years ago (September 2020) after what seemed like a lifetime of turning to different fads to fill the hole in my heart.  I still felt incomplete after my lifelong dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled. I had not been raised in a Christian home and felt overwhelmed as to how to create a Christ-Centered home, how to witness to my husband, or how to disciple my sons. Finding the Help Club on the Youversion Bible app was an answer to my prayers! 

At first, I started doing an online Bible study with a different group of ladies in the UK. It was going well, but then it started to get strange, and they outright told me that unless I attended their church and was baptized by them, then I was not a true Christian. I knew that it did not sound right, but it left me feeling confused and alone. I decided to send an email to the Help Club for Moms explaining what had happened to me and ask if they had support for women in the UK. Deb Weakly immediately emailed me back and arranged for us to have a phone call. She reassured me and prayed for me.  She explained what the Help Club for Moms was all about but more than that, she really took me under her wing. She has become a trusted friend and my second mama to me. 

Being a part of the Help Club has honestly changed my life. I believe that God moves powerfully in this ministry and that He is using it as a weapon to equip moms for battle against this twisted generation.

Without these tools and Deb’s wisdom, I believe I would have struggled in my new faith, but instead, God led me to a great support system with amazing resources allowing my faith to flourish and for me to feel secure and confident. 

I was baptized in July 2021 and have been blessed to write for the ministry and volunteer in other areas. The team has welcomed me with open arms, and even though they are all busy mamas themselves, they always make the time to help me out and genuinely care about every single mama in the Help Club community. 

Moms coming alongside moms with no judgment and honesty is a precious gift. I sure hope you find the same growth and connection I have here! Join us for our Spring study! 

Your sister in Christ,

Nikki Evans 

Nikki Evans
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