Investing in Your Marriage

Christmas day 7

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” Revelation 19:7-9

“The most excellent method I have found for going to God is that of doing our common business without any view of pleasing men but purely for the love of God.” –Brother Lawrence


  • Meet with your Beloved, your Betrothed. As you meditate on the following verses, bask in the love your Creator lavishes on you at every moment. Imagine him singing over you, delighting in you, longing to make you his forever.
  • Read verses Isaiah 54:5, Isaiah 62:3-5 Revelation 19:7-9, Revelation 21:1-27.

Investing in Your Marriage

I know this title may sound odd, in light of the fact that we’ve been talking about Christmas for the last few days. Of course, it’s important to invest in your spouse this time of year (and every other time), but today, I’m talking about your marriage with Christ.

Even though the ceremony will be in the future, we are betrothed to Christ, our Beloved. In Jewish culture, betrothal is almost synonymous to marriage. Betrothal is the period of wooing and courtship. Think of it this way:

There we were, all alone. Drifting, flitting from disappointment to empty disappointment, searching for meaning and purpose in all the wrong places. And yet, in every glorious sunset, every captivating landscape, every dazzling, star-filled night sky, our Beloved could be heard and seen—wooing us. In the ultimate gesture of sacrifice, he gave of his very self so that we could draw near him for all eternity, sharing in his love, joy, and beauty. And he draws us still, every day, every moment. He is closer than our skin, permeating our very being. Loving—always, forever, gloriously loving.

So often, I hear worship songs in church and on the radio about how much God loves us. “Oh, how he loves us, how he loves us so!” There is no more wonderful truth in all the world than this.

But how many worship songs do we sing about our love for him? For every stanza starring God’s love toward us, are there even half as many regarding the depth of our love for him?

I think not.

Suppose it is your anniversary. Your husband has spent weeks preparing the most wonderful day filled with fun, meaningful gestures. A visit to where you met or got engaged or married. A trail of rose petals to a candlelit display with the words, “I love you now, always, and forever, with everything I am!” in giant letters in a painting he created himself. You can’t believe how lucky you are, and you go to bed that night completely happy. But the next morning, when you wake up, you lean over and inform him, “Honey, I’m just not sure if I feel your love. I need to know you love me. It’s hard to believe sometimes; I just need more faith to believe it.” How would he respond?

Yet, so often we do that to our own Beloved. Instead of reciprocating or finding ways to bless him, we may never get to a point where we enter into a two-way love relationship. We forget that he has committed his whole being to us as in marriage, as it says in Hosea, “I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness, and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy” (Hosea 2:19). And he is the most beautiful, kind, faithful, fun, and exciting husband we could ever have!

This Christmas, I challenge you to love your Husband. I challenge you to enter into a two-way relationship and let God’s demonstrations of love to you elicit an overflow of praise and love from your heart.

Questions to Ponder

  • What tasks do I perform every day that seem too ordinary to be pleasing to God? How can I adjust my mindset so that I can direct my efforts in even the smallest, most insignificant action all to the glory of God?
  • How can I cultivate a deep love towards my Jesus, my future husband? What could I incorporate into my Christmas season that would bless his heart, effectively hanging a big banner that says “I love you more than anything, with everything I am!” that would bring a smile to his face?

Faith-Filled Idea

  • How do we reciprocate Christ’s love for us? As Brother Lawrence said above, every little thing we do can be done solely for the love of God. Even though he was the “janitor” of the monastery, it is quite possible that he served and loved God more than any other monk in the establishment. “
  • “I resolved to make the love of God the end of all my actions… I resolve even to take up a straw from the ground for the love of God, seeking Him only, and nothing else, not even His gifts.” No piece of his daily routine was too mundane to be used for the glory and love of his dear Savior. So should it be with us.
  • It doesn’t necessarily take extra time or grand gestures to love your Savior better. Pray to Him, devote your heart and your thoughts to Jesus throughout the day. You will begin to see His goodness in the mundane details of life and love Him more for it.
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13 Comments on “Investing in Your Marriage”

  1. Compelling study! God manifests His love in so many beautiful ways, will I reciprocate? Great analogy here…it ministered to me. Thanks Christie!

  2. Beautiful Christy! Thank You for blessing us today with a magnificent image of how God loves us and we are to love Him! Hugs and Blessings! Merry Christ-mas!

  3. What a beautiful picture of our relationship with Jesus. It’s also a great reminder to put in the effort to keep our relationship with Jesus strong.

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