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The Wise Woman Stays…
In a culture that is fast-paced, on the go, and pushing change, this idea can be lost. As moms, our “jobs” in the home can feel mundane at best and our hearts long for change and a new rhythm. The concept of staying is often one that comes with a bit of resistance.
For example:
• How do you stay when the journey ahead looks murky and unclear? Even hopeless?
• How do you stay when someone has been unfaithful or has hurt you deeply?
• How do you stay when you feel as though you are stuck in a hamster wheel and are going nowhere? Whether in a relationship or life in general?
• How do you stay when a friendship feels complicated and disappointing?
• How do you stay and remain loving when your child is continually disobedient and disrespectful?
• How do you stay when you feel as though God has not answered prayers and doesn’t seem to hear your cries for help?
…There are many more circumstances in life that make the idea of staying so difficult, but friends, it is the way.
In 2 Timothy 4:7, it says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
Mom, in order to fight the good fight and to finish the race, we must persevere when the going gets tough. We have written our study, “The Wise Woman Stays” for this purpose. Whatever the area is in your life that God has asked you to be faithful and obedient, listen and follow Him.
Let’s do this mama! Let’s encourage each other to stay strong in the Lord this summer- together.

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Deb Weakly

11 Comments on “Join Our NEW Summer Study!”

  1. Hi,

    I would love to join for the study but I am in South Africa and unable to purchase the book on Amazon. Would we be able to complete the study without the book?

    1. Would it be helpful for me to become Fb friends with you and I can screen shot the pages for you? Or email them?

  2. Hi Debbie my name is Ethel from the International mum’s group.

    Please pray for my prayer partner Rachel who lives in London, last time we talked a week ago she’d said that she had a bit of a flu after her son, had come down with the cold.

    I have rang and sent messages but not heard back.

    She said that she was in the vulnerable group for covid.

    Please lift her and her family before the Lord.

    London came out of lockdown about two weeks ago and schools had opened.

    Her son had been in for a week before he became ill.

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