Join Us For Our NEW Fall Study, “The Wise Woman Abides!”

 Join Us! 

Man oh man are we PUMPED about our new study “The Wise Woman Abides” beginning September 2nd!! We feel as we have gone through each of our studies, they just keep getting better and better. God is SO GOOD!

This message, in particular, is dear to our hearts. Jesus promises to abide in us as we continually abide in Him! He rewards us staying close to him no matter what, by having His spirit feel so near to our hearts. There is nothing like knowing that the powerful and comforting Spirit of God is in us and moving through us!

Friends, would you grab some friends and join us?! We would be so honored to know that you were learning and growing with us! We totally get the busy-mom life and want to help make your life with your family more meaningful, efficient, and FUN! The study is easy- just three simple, but Holy Spirit-filled studies per week. We have also included “Mom Tips,” which are practical ideas to help you be intentional in your home, delicious recipes to help your dinner times be easy and fun,  “20 Days of Christmas Cheer” to help you to have a great holiday season, and much more!

Here is the link to grab a copy of the book! 

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7 Comments on “Join Us For Our NEW Fall Study, “The Wise Woman Abides!””

  1. I lost access to my facebook buy I want to participate. I would also like to go to the retreat on July 20th and 21st.

    1. Hi Gin! What part of the country are you in? Maybe you could grab a couple of friends to do the study with you and also be sure to subscribe! We send out our additional content there too!! If you need more info on beginning a group, comment back! We can help you!

  2. I am so excited to be a part of this study! The description sounds like just what I need right now. However, I forgot to order my book earlier, and now Amazon says they’re sold out !! Is there anyway to get a copy from another source?
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    1. Hello! Yes! The book will be available in the next one to two days!! Yay!! And I am sooooo glad you’re doing the study with us!!❤

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