Joy is the Writing on the Wall

Here’s this week’s Mom Tip in Action!! Grab your kids and do this activity together!

Your kids will love writing on the mirror with a dry-erase pen, and you will be reminded of ways to add joy to your life! Simply follow the directions in Day 24’s Joy Builder and write quotes like, “What I think about I bring about” and “I set my mind on things above” on a mirror in your home. Tell your kids what these phrases mean and why they are important.

Say them out loud to yourself every time you walk by and feel your mind shifting toward joyful thoughts. Just make sure the pen is dry erase! 🙂

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4 Comments on “Joy is the Writing on the Wall”

  1. I love this idea (for the kids and me)…great way to bring truth to your mind throughout the day! Thanks Kristi!

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