Keep Your Head above Water

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity.” Proverbs 21:5a (NLT)

As we roll along into the harried holidays, how are you scheduling activities and special events? We understand you have a myriad of responsibilities to fulfill and our desire at Help Club for Moms is to help you savor the special days ahead. 

The Weekly Planner and Monthly Planner were created for the sole purpose of providing you with an organized system to help keep you on track and avoid drowning in overcommitment. 

One of the best forms for organizing your busy schedule is our Monthly Planner. It is printed in a two-page spread style for any notebook, folder, wall, or refrigerator so the whole family can keep track of the goings-on of this busier-than-usual season. Using this format is an excellent practice for individuals within your family to learn responsibility for their schedules. 

We created a Weekly Planner to complement the monthly planner. We integrated the Meal Planner and Cleaning Compass checklist within the weekly spreadsheet for a quick reference in tracking your goals. Moms, a written tracking system, assures you keep commitments to your family and others. When we go day-to-day without a meal plan, a cleaning schedule, or goals written down, we can lose our focus or direction in the areas of our life that are most important. 

Incorporating the whole Organizational Planner components into your life will give you confidence that your God-ordained priorities are being accomplished. 

Click this link to access the Weekly Planner.

Click this link to access the Monthly Planner.

Be sure to click this link to watch the corresponding video with Melissa for more how-to’s on using these powerful forms! 

“Anytime we lose vision, we lose our sense of purpose. When vision is restored, you will find new strength for the wearying tasks at hand.” Chuck Swindoll.

Click this link to check out the Holidays with the Help Club book!

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