Love Your Husband Challenge: Day Six

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” Philippians 4:6

It is easy to stress about life, marriage, and parenting. But that is not God’s best for us! God wants us to bring our concerns to him. Praising God for your husband and praying for his needs and his heart is guaranteed to be one of your most rewarding works as his wife. There is so much peace that comes from praying for your husband!

Faith-Filled Idea:

Take your husband to the Lord in prayer! Ask your husband how you can pray for him or simply pray for needs you are aware of. Pray for his heart, that he will know the deep love of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen him to resist temptation. Pray that He will love the Lord and his family more than ever before. Pray the Lord’s blessing over him. Pray for every little area of his life. The task of praying for your husband will be one that will last a lifetime, but is also one of the greatest gifts you can give him!


Lord, please show me how to pray for my husband. Help me not to complain about him to you, but to truly lift him up to you in love. Change my heart where it needs to be changed and give me the energy to really pray for the man you have given me.

Tara Davis

Hi! I’m Tara, a mama to three wild, wonderful boys on earth (and one tiny boy in heaven) and wife to one handsome husband for sixteen years. When you see someone has had a hand in writing a book for moms, you immediately assume they must have it all together. I do not. Maybe you don’t either. But I have some good news for you…we have a perfectly gracious Savior who loves us so very much, imperfections and all!

Together, we can learn who He is and who we are in Him, and together, we can take this one little life He has given us and pour out His love in a way that changes hearts, especially our own!
Tara Davis

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