Mom Tips Tuesday with Krystle and Deb: How to Have a More Peaceful Summer

Do you long for quieter days and more time to enjoy your children during the long summer days? We do, too. Join us today as we talk about six steps to a more peaceful home. Let’s learn, with God’s help, how to make more allowances for our kids and their shortcomings and what we can do as mamas to usher an atmosphere of peace into our homes!
Deb and Krystle

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  1. Deb and Krystal, hi fellow mommas in the Lord. I discovered Help Club about when Covid hit and I just want to say what a huge blessing you all have been ever since. I’m a music teacher of PreK-4th grade and every day during my lunch break I used the pod casts as a devo while eating my lunch. I felt like it not only gave me hope & encouragement as Christian wife & mom, but as a music teacher/momma to all my students. Now that I’m off for the summer, I’m listening to y’all on podcast as I deep clean a room a day. My desire is to de clutter my house so it feels peaceful but I also want to keep decluttering my spiritual home/heart so I’m a better servant to the precious family God gave me & as I go out to serve others. Thankful for your group as I lost my Mom to cancer 18 years ago, so I truly love it when Deb says she is like a mom to those of us that long to still be mothered. I’m thankful for the Christian mom I had for as long as she lived(59); she did so well with us 4 kids, discipling us to love the Lord and passing that legacy onto all our kids now. God bless & keep blessing your beautiful ministry to us fellow mommas.

    1. Dearest Kerri,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you are here with us, and I am so honored to be your second Mama. I am very, very sorry you lost your sweet mom. It must be extra hard to lose one so good and so kind. I am praying for you.

      I wasn’t sure if you know about the Help Club for Moms Online Group on Facebook? I am in that group all the time. It is such a sweet place for mamas.
      Love you!
      Mama Deb

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