Mom Tips Tuesday with Krystle and Deb- Week 5 Obedience

Need more ideas to help create the Christian marriage, relationship with your kids, and home you’ve always wanted? Join Krystle and Deb this week for the next episode of Mom Tips Tuesday and receive biblical encouragement and fresh tips to help you live each day with intentionality and joy!

“The wise woman builds her house…” Proverbs 14:1a

Deb Weakly

One Comment on “Mom Tips Tuesday with Krystle and Deb- Week 5 Obedience”

  1. Oh please, please, please….your help, suggestions and prayers for our blended family. Three boys, 12 (mine) 11 and 8 (his). We are recently married and trying SO hard to figure out what works best. We have the 12yo full time, and the 2 younger boys part time on a difficult schedule. 2/3/2.
    It feels like just when we get them on a schedule and expectations of our house, they go to their mom and we restart when they come back. It’s SO difficult and frustrating. I am reading a book called “The Stepmonster” and it’s terrific, but even struggle to get into the book at the end of the night because I am so exhausted from work and discipline. My husband is amazing and SO helpful and we do work together, but he is struggling as well.
    Thank you!

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