Monthly Help for Your Marriage

“Sometimes I feel paralyzed in my home with my kids because the weight of the issues in my marriage feels all-consuming and too much….”

Can you relate, mama? We understand. We know that marital problems can feel like a heavy weight on our shoulders, walking through our days, leaving us feeling incapable of making changes in other areas of life.

Or maybe you are the woman whose marriage doesn’t feel riddled with issues, but you have a general feeling of wanting more. Maybe your desire as a wife is to understand more of what God sees for your relationship.

We can help! Join our Help Club for Moms NEW Mentoring Platform and gain access to our incredible “Mothering Kit” subscription. Each month, you will receive consistent help for your marriage! We will dive into all sorts of topics that are often referred to as the “hot buttons” in relationships and give you tools and biblical advice to tackle them with God’s help.

Here’s an overview of what our Mothering Kit Subscription has to offer:

  • Help for your heart! Monthly breakthrough teachings for your spirit as a woman, mother, and wife to build your faith!
  • Help for your children! Teaching tools to help you to disciple your children at each age and stage with FREE printables, activities, biblical teachings, and family devotionals for your family!
  • Help for your marriage! Monthly encouragement and tools to build up your marriage and help you overcome obstacles in your relationship!
  • Help for your home! Monthly tips, tools, and inspirations from mamas who have walked your path and built a haven for their families from the storms of life.
  • Help for tough cultural topics moms face! Monthly encouragement to help you have a biblical perspective in your mothering, and videos and tools to practically help you navigate difficult decisions your family faces.
  • Prayer Intercessor Team! Be championed and loved by our team of INCREDIBLE intercessors who pray for you by name each month.

This is all laid out for you each month in our Help Club for Moms “Mothering Kit” subscription platform! No need to scroll and search for ideas anymore – we have them available all in one place for only $12.99 a month. 

Click HERE for more information and how to join!



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