Praying God’s Word is Powerful!

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16b


If you’re like me and feel like you hardly ever have your life together, you will find GREAT hope in the Word of God! 

When I read the Scriptures, I read that God loves me, and He promises to give me wisdom and help in times of need, especially as a mom! The stories I find in the Bible feature REAL people with REAL problems, most of whom failed in one way or another. Even though they failed, God still brought beauty out of their ashes and mistakes, and He always showed Himself faithful to each and every one. I love that about our God!

Many years ago, I knew this woman at the YMCA who would pray Scripture over her family while walking on the treadmill. One dark morning, when my Dad was dying in the hospital, I was overwhelmed with despair and asked her if I could borrow her Bible while I was on the stair machine. My heart was carrying a deep sadness with the realization that I was losing my last living parent, and this load felt too heavy for me to bear.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday because that was the day I felt the strengthening power of praying God’s Word!

Praying God’s Word is powerful because we agree with God about our situation and pray for His will over our lives. Every word in the Bible is true and shows what we can believe God for–His promises. And it helps us to stay in faith and trust Him with our hopes, dreams, difficulties, and concerns, knowing He is faithful. When we pray Scripture, we hope for the right things and see things more from God’s perspective than our earthly one. 

A short time after my Dad passed away, I went out and bought a little Bible to carry around with me. I underlined and highlighted the verses I felt God was leading me to pray for my family, descendants, and friends. I use it to pray while I am exercising and bring it with me to pray when I travel. What a difference this habit has made in my life! By God’s grace, I can honestly say that I have seen God answer MANY of my prayers in faithful and mighty ways.

I am sharing this with you today with the hopes of encouraging each of you to start praying the promises of God for your family, friends, and descendants. Pray and ask God to give you Scriptures to pray over your family. Purchase a small Bible and highlight the verses you want to pray and carry with you when you go places or have to wait anywhere. You could also record the verses on your phone and listen to them in your car while on a walk or in your bathroom getting ready for the day. Do whatever works! Remember, You do you! Praying Scripture will change your life!


Deb Weakly & The Help Club Team

Deb Weakly

2 Comments on “Praying God’s Word is Powerful!”

  1. Good Day Deb
    Thank you for this Monday inspiration. It was just what I needed to give me courage for the task ahead. My mom has Dimentia and it is getting out of control and she already walked passed her house not recognizing it after a bad fall on her way home. My Dad lives with his head in the sand ignoring that there’s a problem. I’m taking on the task to have my mom submitted to a facility where she can be looked after. Please keep me in prayer for strength.
    God is still in control.
    Thanking you in advance

    Lynn SP-SA

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