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The Night Before Christmas written by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by Mary Engelbreit

Hello Mamas! Christmas is coming quickly, and I hope that amongst the hustle and bustle, you are still able to take time to indulge with your kiddos in the magic of the season. There is nothing more entrancing to kids than bright Christmas lights, Christmas trees and their colorful ornaments, glittering snow, and candy canes! I encourage you to slow down and get excited about the small things, and the big things, that are special and unique to this month of celebration with your little wide-eyed, wonder-filled people! If you are looking for other reading resources for the holidays, I would highly recommend looking at this Christmas book list!

Here is this week’s book review, and few fun ways to talk about it with your kids:

I cannot think of a more classic holiday story with more beautiful illustrations than this rendition of The Night Before Christmas. Not only is this story timeless, but it also provides lots of opportunities to talk with your kids about who the real Saint Nicolas was and why we remember him in the holiday season today! The poem of The Night Before Christmas tells the tale of a quiet, cozy Christmas Eve, until a man’s sleep is disturbed by the sounds of eight reindeer and one jolly man on the roof of his house. As he investigates the noises, he discovers Saint Nick and his big bag of gifts in his living room! He watches Saint Nick in amazement as he prepares the house for the excitement of Christmas Day!

Whether or not you celebrate Santa in your home, take the opportunity this year, on December 6th, to teach your kids about St. Nicholas, a Christ-Follower in the third century. While there are many legends surrounding his life and what he accomplished, one thing stands out in each of the stories, he loved Jesus and desired to help the poor. You can find more about St. Nicholas here:


Reading tips for moms:

  • Read a brief history of who Saint Nick was, and tell your kids about how he fits into the holiday season celebrations! Santa may not be real, but Saint Nick and his generosity have greatly influenced our idea of Christmas today!
  • Write your own Christmas poem with your kiddos, or have them draw what they think sugarplum fairies look like, or ask them what they would name the reindeer pulling the sleigh! Don’t forget to encourage them to use their imaginations in this magical month!
  • Read The Night Before Christmas by your Christmas tree, and ask your kids what their favorite ornaments on the tree are and why.

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  1. We are so proud of who you are Sarah and how you’ve lived your Life! We are excited to read your reviews and have enjoyed the labors of your love. We’ll continue to follow this wonderful journey you’re embarked on Love you, Nanny & Papa

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