Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah: The Parable of the Lily

Hello Mamas! Spring is here, the sun has been shining a little more, birds are singing a little louder, and I’m so excited to share this book review with you! Easter and Springtime have always been representations of new beginnings and fresh life, no matter how storm-filled the winter was! This book explains that concept in an easy and understandable way for your kiddos. Find a ray of sunshine, cuddle up, and spring into this week’s Easter book!

Here is this week’s book review, and some ideas on how to make it interactive with your kids:

Maggie is the daughter of farmer, and she loves to get gifts. One day, she gets an anonymous letter that says a gift is on its way to her, and she gets very excited! She waits for days for a box to come for her, and when it does, she is so anxious to open it. But when the box finally shows up on her doorstep, she is surprised and disappointed by what she finds inside, much to the dismay of her father. The box filled with dirt and care-taking instructions is not what she wanted. So the box is stored in the cellar, watered occasionally, but eventually forgotten about by Maggie. But the gift is never forgotten about by her father. What will happen to the mysterious gift? Will Maggie find any value in it?

Reading Tips for Moms:

  • Get some seeds and little terracotta flower pots (Walmart sells them for under a dollar a pot!), then get the paints out, and let your kids go to town painting their flower pots! Then plant those seeds, and help your kids grow spring flowers in their pots. My mom still has the flower pots we made as young kids!
  • What does waiting on the Lord mean to you? Talk to your kids about how God will take His time, and make His own decisions in our lives to make them beautiful. Similar to the lily in the story, not all lovely things happen all at once!
  • I recommend reading the Easter Story aloud to your kids this week. Although the story of Christ’s death is hard to hear sometimes, it is important that kids are not hidden from the truth. His love knows no bounds, and it is not too early to become aware of Jesus’ sacrifice. Even using a children’s Bible still allows for wonderful discussion in your home.   

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  1. Great job Sarah! Always enjoy your touch of home as you give your book reviews. We are proud of you!😗😙

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