Read-Aloud Reviews with Sarah: Topsy-Turvy Kingdom

Isn’t it crazy how life moves so fast with growing kids? When was the last time you and your little ones paused for a moment to take time just to relax and enjoy each other? Or when was the last time you were goofy and laughed really hard together as a family? 

This week’s book has always been one of my very favorites, as it paints a kingdom that is all too easy to get lost inside of! Take some time mamas, slow everyone down, and get together to look at this next book. The pages are guaranteed to bring smiles and definitely giggles!

The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom, written by Dottie and Josh McDowell, illustrated by Lydia Taranovic

The story takes place long ago, in a faraway kingdom which was ruled fairly by a gentle king and his young son Herbie. He made the laws of the land to protect every cat, every girl, and every boy. As long as those laws were followed, all the country was filled with joy! 

However, the king was called away to battle, and as time goes on, the people begin to forget the laws that were set in place for their own happiness. They decide it is time to make their own rules and do whatever they please. That seems like a good plan to all, except Herbie. But when Herbie defends his father’s old ways, he is met with an uproar or opposal, and faces the hard choice to hold fast to the rules of his dad, or face banishment from the now Topsy-Turvy kingdom; what will he do?

Reading Tips for Moms:

  • As you read through this book, ask your kiddos to show you their favorite parts of the illustrations on each page. There are SO many to look at in this book! Be sure to count how many cats you see too. There are quite a few of them!
  • Talk to your children about some of the rules of your family, and tell them why you have those rules (why don’t you like them running through the kitchen while you’re making a meal, etc.). Make sure they know that those rules are in place to protect them, similar to how Herbie’s dad made laws for his kingdom!
  • Find a piece of paper, or something similar (empty paper towel roll) and roll it up to make a trumpet. Take turns using the trumpet to make announcements to each other only in rhymes, like Herbie did!
  • Ask your kids if they have ever stood up for a good cause for a friend against someone else. It is important to encourage them to stand up for what they believe in, and encourage them in that!

Happy reading!

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