September Fasting Collective Episode 2-Wisdom

Hello Mamas! 😎 We are super excited to share the next “September Fasting Collective” podcast episode with you!

This week’s fasting prompt is all about WISDOM! It’s soooo good!🙌

All you do is pick a day this week to fast one meal, and use the time you would have spent preparing and eating food to spend extra time with Jesus.

Grab your Bible, your journal, a pen, the “September Fasting Collective Episode 2- WISDOM” podcast prompt, and anything else you need, and get ready to go deeper with Jesus on your fasting day this week!

Here’s the link to the new episode on the following Podcast apps:

Apple Podcast


Google Podcasts 


We are praying for breakthroughs in your fasting time this week! 🙏

Deb Weakly

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