The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

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The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. Isaiah 61:1-2

“The Holy Spirit is the most influential mentor in your life. He is always willing to teach and guide you in all Truth.” ~ Alisa Hope Wagner


  • Do you need answers today for one or more of your children today? Open your Bible, and be encouraged! There is ONE who can bring hope!
  • Read Isaiah 61. Highlight verses 1-3 and if you like, read them out loud a second time.

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

If there is one thing we mothers often do not realize, it is the powerful influence we hold in our hands every day. We have a large, difficult and strong mandate from the Lord, whether we feel, know or like it.

The mission Jesus had to set the captives free, didn’t stop with Him but is meant to be continued with us. How often our very own children are brokenhearted, poor, blind, captives and prisoners to themselves and other things. They mourn and grieve, and we need to be anointed by God to help break them free from the chains that keep them bound. This is our greatest and most important work!

When God blesses us with earthly and heavenly possessions, he always equips us to steward them no matter how overwhelming it may seem. Children are our most valuable possessions here on earth. If he has given these precious gifts to us, then it is only fair for him to make available the wisdom it takes to raise them.

The good news is, Jesus loves and wants our children to be free, even more than we do. He can open our eyes and ears as a parent, so we can see and hear like he does. His answers always bring lasting change. Our hearing and vision are not enough; they seriously lack because our flesh has no good thing to offer.

We cannot set our children free all by ourselves. Apart from God, we are also broken, helpless and impossible, and without him, the chains will never be broken. We need to be baptized with his baptism, the Spirit of Jesus himself. The Bible says he will gladly give the gift of his Spirit to those who ask! (Luke 11:13) The Holy Spirit is key.

Many parenting self-help books give “good” or “perfect” advice and formulas for our children’s problems, but there is no substitute for the Holy Spirit in our parenting. We ALL have access to Him, the best teacher, and listener ever! We just need to ask. God created all of us to be able to hear him, not just a few select people. His voice becomes more familiar as we spend time with and get to know him better.

In our parenting, it is often necessary to repent and ask God to change how we feel about our children. It’s difficult to see clearly when we are in the middle of a crisis or problem, but he can reveal the root of what we see only the fruit of, which often manifests as sinful or bad behavior.

Sometimes we may hear Jesus speaking something about our child/children that is completely different than what we have been believing. Often the way we are responding is not how we hear him respond. An exchange then has to be made. Our natural inclinations must be traded for his will: A laying down of our flesh before we do what he tells us.

Moms, our children need us to be Jesus to them. A timely word in season, a firm hand with grace and truth, a listening ear, an affectionate hug, a smile, a tender touch, compassion, a soft answer, eyes that see. To our relief, Jesus can help us do all of these things effectively!

The One who sees, knows and understands all things, will anoint us to do what he so beautifully does. Yes, as we release the Spirit of Jesus (by obeying his voice), he anoints us to free our children to walk and experience God’s love! Together we can change the world through our children!

Jesus brings beauty for ashes, gladness instead of mourning, and garments of praise in the place of despair….all through us! With him, we are the best answer for our children’s problems.


Questions to Ponder

Write the answer to these questions in your journal. 

  • Can you believe today there is hope for your child/children? That Jesus holds the key to your problem?
  • Do you believe the Spirit of Jesus in you can help set your child free?
  • Can you surrender your “want to’s” for his will?
  • Do you believe all things are possible and that Jesus cares?
  • Pray and ask God to help you understand his truth about the answers to all of these questions. Ask him to help replace any lies with His truth, and to fill you with hope.

Faith-Filled Idea

  • Repent if you have any doubt in your heart that God can change your child. Ask Jesus for forgiveness if you have been going your own way or going to others for advice before going to him.

God is more than able, dear Mom.

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Mari Jo Mast

6 Comments on “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me”

  1. Thank you for this. <3 Praying that I would be able to see my children's hearts and that God would reveal their roots to me. Lord help me be a good steward of these precious gidts. <3

  2. This article is very powerful! So often I try to parent in my own power, but end up overwhelmed and frustrated. I’m printing this article to read again when I’m struggling with my children.

  3. Than you for the reminder that a change in my child often starts with repentance and change in me.

    There are so many voices promoting (usually harsh) parenting formulas. It is so refreshing to find encouragement to parent with grace and to seek Jesus’ way above all others. <3

    1. Hello Brenda! Thanks so much for sharing your encouragement, I appreciate your input! Yes, sadly our own imperfections & sins often show up in our own children. Repentance is a gift! Yes, Jesus’ ways are fool proof! Blessings to you today!!

  4. This is so great Mari Jo! I love how you always encourage us to look to God and not to ourselves, circumstances or people. I love your faith! Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

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