Doing the Holy Work of God!

Click here to watch the video! Moms, your job is super important to God! Taking care of children is “Holy Work.” Be encouraged today!

Worship Is Good For You, Mama!

Click here to watch the video! Mamas, worship is good for you! The next time you are tempted to complain, fuss or be mad at God, why not worship instead? Trust God to fill you up and help you! Let’s … Read More

Worshipping When You’re Scared!

Click here to watch the video! Join us Live for Help Club for Moms at New Life Church in Colorado Springs! Let’s talk about worshipping when you’re scared.

Thankful Wall!

Click here to watch the video! How about making a “Thankful Wall” for the month of November? It’s a great visual for your family to help you remember what you are thankful for! 🙌 🙏 Here’s Brandi showing you this great activity … Read More

Walk Through Trials with Faith, Not Fear!

Click here to watch the video! Let’s learn to make the love and the goodness of God the cornerstone of our faith, so that when the hard times come we will walk through those challenging seasons in confidence instead of … Read More