The Enemies of God Fear You 

Hello Mamas! Here’s this week’s Sunday evening devotional. It’s going to be a great week!🥰

“You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling, lovely as Jerusalem, awe-inspiring as an army with banners.” Song of Songs 6:3-4

Here’s a beautiful and insightful commentary on these wonderful Scriptures written in the 1680s by Madame Jeanne Guyon:

“Jesus has adorned you with all that is His and has made you a co-heir of His inheritance. You are a worthy dwelling place for Him, and you desire Him to dwell in you. As beautiful as you are to Christ, you are frightening to the devil. Sin is threatened by your presence. Your enemies flee from you, though you do not even strike one blow.

The enemies of God fear you because you are united with Him. Pity those who fight their entire lives and achieve no victory!

If we give ourselves to God, abandoning ourselves to Him, we will become more formidable an opponent than an army ready for war.”

Pray this prayer with me…
Lord Jesus, open the eyes of my heart that I may see and know my true value and strength in You. Help me to live my life victoriously, one day at a time, fully abandoned to You and fully trusting in Your love and good plans for my life. Amen.

With Love and Prayers,
Deb and the Help Club for Moms Team

Photo credit: Yongsung Kim “The Good Shepherd”

Deb Weakly

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  1. So amazingly beautiful! ❤️❤️ I am loved! I am beautiful! Thanks for these reminders!

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