Welcome to the Joy Challenge for Moms- Week One

Hello Friends!💗 Are you ready to get started on the 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms?
Here’s what’s happening this week:
1. Join Deb Monday at 9 AM MDT LIVE on the Help Club for Moms Facebook Page as we discuss how to get the most out of the 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms program. You can also check back and watch the recording at your convenience.
2. Go at your own speed with the program. You can finish the program in 40 days or you can go slower, it’s up to you. We know you are busy moms! Here on Facebook, we are featuring additional content for 6 weeks to assist the moms who are going through the challenge in 40 days, and are following this schedule:
Week One- Days 0-7
Week Two- Days 8-14
Week Three- Days 15-21
Week Four- Days 22-28
Week Five- Days 29-35
Week Six- Days 36- 40
Whatever your speed, be sure to watch Tommy Newberry’s Joy Challenge videos and then read the short, corresponding devotion in the 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms book.
For your reference, our next study, “Holidays with the Help Club,” begins November 18th and goes through New Years.
3. Follow us on Facebook or right here on our website for content designed to help you go deeper each week.
😊 Ps- If you haven’t grabbed a copy of “The 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms” Devotional Workbook, you can grab it here: https://amzn.to/2ZEgfJW
😊Then go to joychallenge.com and use the code in The 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms Devotional Workbook on page one to access Tommy’s incredible videos for free!
Deb Weakly

2 Comments on “Welcome to the Joy Challenge for Moms- Week One”

  1. I bought the workbook but don’t see the code for the videos. Could you please help me? Thank you!

    1. Hey Megan,
      It’s so great to hear from you!! Look on page one where you find the instructions for the program, and you will see the code.
      I’m so happy you are doing the program with us!

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