Words of Affirmation

Hey Mama’s this is Rae-Ellen,

This week of the Joy Challenge for Moms was full of SO many good nuggets! It was hard to pick just one to put into a practical application! I really love day 11 and the exhortation to put God first even before you get out of bed! This is an amazing training that believe it or not needs exercise! However, the challenge that I felt I needed the most help with this week was learning to show gratitude!

We are huggers, so we hug often, but when I see the good in my husband and kids, I don’t always “say it.” I have really slacked in this area since typically, I am the note writing/ cheerleading mama but lately- busyness has stolen this past time from me! So, out came the glue sticks, construction paper, post it notes and markers!

Our children and especially our husbands need words of praise, appreciation, and encouragement! Whether it is writing personal notes on their mirrors with dry erase markers or putting a note in their lunch boxes, get creative with your words of affirmation! There are so many free, funny and colorful lunch box notes for kids you can find on Pinterest. You Rock! Guess WHO loves you- are wonderful ways to let your children feel loved!

Has God prompted you this week to write a note of appreciation to thank a neighbor or friend? God’s prodding usually pushes us into action! Perhaps you are not that outspoken about your gratitude, consider making a homemade gift to give away. Sometimes actions are louder than words! We represent Jesus when we reach out in love to others! With some intentionality affirm someone today!

Rae-Ellen Sanders

Rae-Ellen Sanders

Rae-Ellen is a Bible loving, world traveling mama of five who recently retired from a major airline.
In her lifetime, she traveled the world exercising gifts of hospitality and a passion for missions. She now lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with her beloved husband Brian & busy crew.

She loves to be creative with cooking and meets friends for coffee. Rae-Ellen says,"My sweetest coffee dates are with Jesus!"
Rae-Ellen Sanders

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