Workers at Home- Week Two Mom Tips

workers at home week 2 mom tips

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

The Mom Tips are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian wife, mom, discipler of your children, homemaker, and friend.

Pray about which ideas to try and keep this list on your fridge all week. Check them off as you accomplish them. Complete all of the Mom Tips or pick one to finish. We all are in different stages of our lives. You do you!

Do what you can and celebrate the fact that you added something new to enhance your life!

  The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit: 

  • Write in your journal or record on your phone Proverbs 31:10-31. Pick a verse to highlight in your home on your chalkboard or bathroom mirror.
  • Choose to Live for God this week. Commit your day to him every morning during your quiet time. Allow God’s light to shine through you in all that you do in your home and for your family.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband:

  • Get out of the habit of criticizing your husband. Take a day this week and go the entire day without criticizing his actions. This simple change in thought will bless both of you and strengthen your marital bond.
  • Do something active with your husband this week. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Take time to enjoy God’s creation together.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children:

  • Pray with each of your children individually one night this week. Ask them if there is anything troubling them and pray with them to give the situation to God. Help them learn to rely on the Lord.
  • Choose a verse to have your children memorize this week. Write it down on a card or their bathroom mirror. Some examples to choose from are Acts 16:31, Proverbs 14:5, Hebrews 13:8, Proverbs 3:5, Romans 10:13. Go out for ice cream or give your children an inexpensive prize when they finish!

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home: 

  • Work on setting the household budget. It is the beginning of the year and the time to plan ahead. Start small if needed by setting a grocery budget. Do your best to stay within your set budget this week. This habit of being a good steward will begin to flow into the rest of your home.
  • Choose one day to clean out your refrigerator this week. Take everything out and discard the items that are spoiled or expired. Wipe down the entire fridge and put everything back in a logical order.
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4 Comments on “Workers at Home- Week Two Mom Tips”

  1. Hi thanks for article and tips . We are raising boys with eldest being 10 . We made this his first ritual year, over night hunting trip with dad, bible sleep away camp, accepted Christ and got baptized a year focused on becoming a Christ centered young man. Now we are getting ready but to work through passport2purity a Christian perspective on dating and sex. It is s good guide but some things are left untouched any one else work through this already ? Ideas ? My husband does not see urgency of the issue. Thoughts on that ? Plus last night 10 yr old told me he had a girlfriend -at least she ( the girl) told him the he was her boy friend.?

    1. Hi Tanya!
      Thanks so much for commenting! It’s so wonderful how intentional you and your husband are with your boys! It sounds like you have a wonderful husband! I would follow his lead with leaving some things left unsaid until your boys are older. This type of talk could happen in stages instead of all at once.
      As far as your son with the “girlfriend” goes, maybe pray and ask him what he means by “having a girlfriend.” Then you can go from there. 🙂
      Thanks again!

  2. Once again I’m so blessed by these helpful tips! Leslie I appreciate you doing such a wonderful job in putting these together every week, thank you! I especially love the verses you chose for our children to memorize.

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