Hearing God’s Voice Episode One: You Can Hear God’s Voice

💗Hello Mamas! We are so excited to share our Podcast Series for Monday-Friday this week: “You Can Hear God’s Voice.” You will love this!

All week long, we will be sharing different ways you can learn to hear God’s voice more clearly. Episodes two-five also include questions you can ask God during your time with Him for the key areas of your life: hearing God’s voice for yourself, your husband, your children, and impacting your world, as well as soaking music created just for this series by Help Club for Moms worship pastor, Jen Pierce.

Here’s a little bit about today’s first episode:

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” –  John 10:27

Sweet Friend, Do you want to recognize and hear God’s voice? Have you ever heard someone say, “God spoke to me” or “I heard God say” and wondered if a giant light appeared to them or an audible voice boomed from the sky? Maybe you thought only pastors on stage or the preachers on television were given a special ability to hear God’s voice. 

The truth is, God wants to speak to you every day, right where you are. He wants to speak to you about your family, your job, your future, your difficulties, and everything else in your life. God loves you. He wants to talk with you, and, if you are a follower of Jesus, you can hear His voice. 

Sadly, many Christians have gone through life unaware that they can hear God’s voice and, even more importantly, that God wants to speak to them. Many believers have no idea how to recognize God’s voice, therefore often missing out on the help and encouragement God has for them. 

If you are desiring to hear God speak to you and want to learn to recognize His voice in your life, then please join us for the new Help Club for Mom’s podcast series: You Can Hear God’s Voice. God is speaking to you every day. Are you ready to hear Him?

Love and Prayers,

The Help Club for Mom’s Podcast Team

10 Comments on “Hearing God’s Voice Episode One: You Can Hear God’s Voice”

  1. Hey I was looking for blogs in my niche and well, I’m not a mom, but I really enjoyed this podcast. I agree with you Deb, about thinking I didn’t see him all day long. But the more I focused on him, the more I saw him and hear him in everything around me. He is always speaking to us, we just have to be always listening and in expectation. I agree with the lady who said that we have to get an understanding of who God is and understanding His Love and Heart, that is the start, He is always speaking but if we are not reading the BIble to learn who He is, we will miss Him. I enjoyed the scriptures you all shared and agree with Linda and the ways He speaks.

    I enjoyed, God bless

      1. No worries, this was good. I took the liberty and sent this to a few moms at my church. I know they will like this as well.

  2. I am listening to this in a Bible app but there are no questions I can find. Please send me the questions thank you

    1. Hey Holly! It’s so great to hear from you! The questions are for episodes 2-5. Today’s episode is an introduction to the week. Do you see them there on the rest of the episodes?
      Thanks for being here!

  3. Hi girls! This was great!!!
    Where can I find the link to the questions you were referring to?

    1. Hey Shiloh! It’s so great to hear from you! The questions are for episodes 2-5. Today’s episode is an introduction to the week.
      Thanks for being here!

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