Special Episode: Regaining the JOY of Motherhood

🌸Sweet Mama, We all know motherhood is supposed to be this amazing journey of joy, right? Let’s be honest, there are many days it does not feel that way at all! Truthfully, motherhood can be very difficult and challenging at … Read More

Joy Challenge for Moms Reading Schedule

Hello Leaders! The Joy Challenge for Moms is a 40-day program, but you may also go at your own speed. You can finish the program in 40 days or you can go slower, it’s up to you. We know you … Read More

Joy Challenge Week One: JOY is For YOU Mama!

This week we are kicking off our Joy Challenge for Moms! Every Tuesday, Tommy Newberry & the Help Club for Moms will share a video to introduce each week’s lessons!   In today’s video, Tommy shares one of his favorite … Read More

Join the 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms!

🌸 Mama, do you need an extra dose of joy? 🌸 Do you feel burnt out as a mom? 🌸 There is JOY waiting for you! Join Help Club for Moms along with Joy Coach, Tommy Newberry, for a 40-day … Read More

How’s Your Marriage Going?

Mama, when you got married, it likely felt easy to love. You would both pay attention to the little things that made each other feel cherished and do them, often without even thinking. It was easy to love your spouse … Read More

Pray This OUT LOUD Today

Mamas, there are so many voices clamoring for our attention. If we aren’t careful, we can start to believe dangerous lies which seek to undermine our identity. Today, I want you to be bold in praying the truth. Don’t just … Read More