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We are Moms Encouraging Moms to Know the Love of Jesus Christ. The Help Club for Moms is a team of ordinary moms who love Jesus and are in the trenches of parenting and serving God in our own homes. This makes our message simple, authentic, and heartfelt. We write Bible studies designed to encourage today's mom- they are easy to read, practical, and thought-provoking.

What We Believe

Deb Weakly | Foundation Team

Hello there! My name is Deb Weakly, and I helped create the Help Club for Moms with one goal in mind: to create a community in which moms help moms know the love of Jesus Christ. If there were one thing I would love to share with you is that God is personal and loves you as you are. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved by our amazing God!

My husband Randy and I have been married for 32 years, and we have two grown children, Christie and Jack, and one answer-to-prayer son-in-law named Alex. And now I get to be a Gigi to my sweet little grandbabies, Aspen, Skylar, and Piper! Yay!


Mari Jo | Foundation Team

Hello friends, I’m MariJo Mast! I have been with the Help Club since its beginning and I can’t tell you how blessed I am because of this loving, growing community. I enjoy writing Bible studies and penning posts on Thursday mornings on Facebook. My husband and I have seven beautiful children (three of them are married now). Our four grandchildren are precious and I absolutely adore spending time with them. I greatly treasure my family. I consider nothing more important than working in tandem with the Kingdom of God, having a relationship with Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit. The Word of God feeds my soul and lights my path every single day. The knowledge of Jesus living in me has changed my life.


Tara Davis | Foundation Team

Hi! I’m Tara, a mama to three wild, wonderful boys on earth (and one tiny boy in heaven) and wife to one handsome husband for sixteen years. When you see someone has had a hand in writing a book for moms, you immediately assume they must have it all together. I do not. Maybe you don’t either. But I have some good news for you...we have a perfectly gracious Savior who loves us so very much, imperfections and all! Together, we can learn who He is and who we are in Him. Together, we can take this one little life He has given us and pour out His love in a way that changes hearts, especially our own!


Melissa Lain | Foundation Team

Hello Friend! My name is Melissa and I am the wife to an amazing man, Larry, my high school sweetheart, whose servant-leadership has made me a better woman. We have two amazingly active children in their 20’s.

As a young mom and wife, I realized the blessing of older women in my life. I am praying for you - dear wife, mom, precious child of God - that Help Club is a community where you experience the love of our Savior so that you will make an eternal impact on those within and without your four walls. Allow us to take you by the hand to instruct, guide, and encourage you in this season of life called motherhood.


Rachel Jones | Foundation Team

Hi friends! I am Rachel Jones and I am so excited to meet all of you. Thank you for joining our community! I am a normal, slightly above average mama and I have one wonderful husband and four crazy and joyful children - three big girls and one little boy. I am originally from the desert in Arizona and now I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I homeschool our children and struggle every day. Being apart of Help Club for Moms has been a blessing in my life and I truly couldn’t mother without this incredible community behind me.


Krystle Porter | Foundation Team

Hello! My name is Krystle. Over the years being with this ministry, I have grown deeper in my relationship with Jesus, and it’s given me a sweet sisterhood and faith community! It has been a true blessing.

I have been married to my husband for 17 years, and we have children together, ages; 13, 11, 8, 6, and almost 4! Three girls and two boys. Motherhood has been the most refining work in my life thus far! But there is also so much beauty in it!

I am a firm believer in honoring Jesus by enjoying this life He has given us! Trying to find beauty and goodness in the mundane places of life, I feel is the calling of my heart!


Rae Ellen Sanders | Foundation Team

Hi there! I’m Rae-Ellen Sanders, lover of Jesus, coffee, books and friends. I’m blessed to be married to an amazing husband who loves the Lord. We raise a quiver of 5 children ranging from 18 down to 6. God brought me to this wonderful ministry after leaving a career as a Flight Attendant. I’m grateful for Help Club For Mom’s challenge to put God first and to be the best mom I can be through the power of the Holy Spirit! I need this community of moms cheering me on to run this race of motherhood while fixing my eyes on Jesus. So thankful God brought you to our group too.


Jennifer Valdois | Foundation Team

Hello, I am Jennifer Valdois. I have been married to the love of my life, Todd for over twenty years. We have one lovely daughter and two delightful sons. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and camping with my family. My faith in Jesus Christ has been a lifelong journey, striving to know Him and His love and forgiveness. I am so grateful to be able to share that love through the Help Club for Moms.


Kristall Willis | Foundation Team

Hi friends! I’m Kristall Willis, mama to two beautiful children, (whom I homeschool and who also drive me a little bit crazy), and wife to my handsome husband, Luke, whom I’ve been married to for over ten years. Luke is my strength when I’m weak and we complement each other in such different ways. I’m blessed to design and layout all of Help Club’s books, utilizing my background in graphic design. My journey has taken me to a place I never imagined, both physically and spiritually. I now reside in Colorado Springs, but I am originally from the DC area. I try to lead a spirit-led life building my faith throughout the ups and downs and trusting God along the way!


Kathryn Egly | National Team

Kathryn is a Midwest girl living (and loving!) life in Colorado. She has four active boys and one amazing husband. She runs on black coffee and prayer.


Bek Measmer | National Team

I have been married to Rich, my amazing husband, since 2004. We are blessed with two beautiful daughters and two courageous sons, and we are very active in our church family.

Having lived in Colorado Springs most of my life, I enjoy hiking, camping, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures with My family. When I am not busy homeschooling my four children, you might find me absorbed in a book or creating something lovely with my hands.

I am learning to continually practice the presence of God as He refines me for His perfect purposes. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


Danielle Novotny | National Team

Hi, I'm Danielle! I am a wife to an amazing husband and mom and stepmom to two incredible girls. We also have a house full of "fur-kids," that make life even more exciting!

Being involved in the Help Club for Moms has been a tremendous blessing to me. I began reading the Bible studies when I was in a tough spot in my life, and to say this group of women and their words have blessed me is an understatement.

It makes me so happy to see so many amazing women searching for more resources to grow their faith in Jesus and to create a Christ-centered home!

I am glad you're here and hope that my experiences, along with the other women here, will help give you a sense of support and love as we journey through our lives as wives, mothers, and bonus moms.

May the Lord bless you! Welcome to The Help Club for Moms!

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Help Club for Moms is here with practical, hands-on encouragement to help you intentionally love your family well and create a Christ-centered home. Together, we encourage one another to look to Jesus, our true Helper, and source of all knowledge, and gain wisdom for every area of our lives—our home, our marriage, our children, and our own spirit.

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The Help Club for Moms is a community of moms encouraging moms to know the love of Jesus Christ. Together, we study God’s Word, pray, fellowship twice a month, and share practical “Mom Tips.” The focus of our ministry is to help moms all around the world to know Jesus more personally, cultivate strong marriages and great relationships with their kids, establish Christ-Centered homes, and have FUN all at the same time! Starting a Help Club is super easy and the only cost is for the books.

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