How to Get Started on NEW The Help Club for Moms Bible Study!

Welcome to the Help Club for Moms!

The Help Club for Moms is a community of moms committed to encouraging other moms to know the love of Christ.

We believe that just 20 minutes per day can change your home from chaotic and stressful to peaceful and meaningful and we designed The Help Club for Moms book and The Help Club for Moms Companion Guide and Faith-Filled ideas for this purpose!

Here is how you use the Help Club for Moms program:
20 Minutes per Day
❤The first 5 minutes are always spent in prayer!
❤ Take the next 10 minutes to read a devotion from The Help Club for Moms book and take a few minutes to journal takeaways! (Note: If you would like to go deeper in the study, be sure to grab a copy of The Help Club for Moms Companion Guide.)
❤ The last 5 minutes are spent planning your day! Look over our Faith-Filled ideas from the book and decide which ones and what day and time you will implement them in your home.

Ready to begin? Here’s how:

  • Grab your own hard copy of  The Help Club for Moms book and The Help Club for Moms Companion Bundle.
  • Join us for Mentoring Monday with Deb each week on our Help Club for Moms Facebook Page LIVE at 9 AM Mountain Time.
  • Subscribe to our weekly emails delivered directly to your inbox.
  •  A big component of the Help Club for Moms is praying with a friend once a week on the phone for ten minutes. For more information click here!
  • Each week, join other moms on our Facebook page, Instagram, and join our Help Club for Moms Online Group as we read through the Help Club Bible Studies and Mom Tips.  It’s a great way to get connected with other moms, find out what is new with the HCFM, and discuss what we are learning.
  • Pray which Mom Tips you will attempt throughout the week. Write them on a sticky note to help remind you to do them throughout the week. For extra accountability, tell a friend so she can help you remember!
  • Plan which days you will do the study. Be flexible, don’t stress, and find what works for you!
  • Want to do the Bible study with your friends? Grab some friends and start a group!
  • How about starting a Help Club at your church? 
  • Be a part of our community! Post in the comments section of each study and on Facebook to join the conversation, post prayer requests, and thoughts about what we are learning.
  • Help to build our community: invite other moms to our site, call a friend to discuss the study, and use the hashtag #helpclubformoms to spread the word on social media.

Please browse our website to find more about who we are and our vision!  We at Help Club for Moms are excited to embark on this journey with you!!!

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