Worship With Help Club and Come to the Cross

We can carry many weights as mamas- our own shortcomings and failures, and also the ways others have hurt us.  Whatever the pain, loss, or betrayal, the cross is the meeting place where we find God’s answer for it all: … Read More

Worship With Help Club and Find Refuge in God

Mama, have you found yourself facing a struggle, feeling stress and unrest? No matter what you’re facing in your circumstances or in your own heart, you can find refuge in God. God wants us to take our eyes off our … Read More

Worship with Jen and Be Held

Mama, do you ever feel you need someone to go to to just be held? Someone who provides a safe place, where you can trust that you will be taken care of, protected, and comforted.  Our God offers just such … Read More

Worship with Jen and Receive God’s Grace

As moms, we give continually, always extending ourselves to those we care for.  So what do you do when your soul feels weary, that you’ve given all you’ve got, and you’re running on empty? Mama, God has grace upon grace … Read More