Love Your Husband – Mom Tips

by Deb Weakly

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

The Mom Tips are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian wife, mom, discipler of your children, homemaker, and friend.

Print out this list and keep it on your fridge all week. Pick one or two things to try and check them off as you do them. 

You can also do more than what is suggested. We all are in different stages of our lives.         You do you! :)


-The Wise Woman builds her Spirit: 

1. Write “But my righteous one will live by faith.” (Hebrews 10:38) on your bathroom mirror in dry erase marker. Ask God each day to help you to live by faith in thought, word, and deed. Done:______

2. Take a moment for yourself this week. Plan a pedicure, bubble bath, or simply time to read a book into your busy schedule. God invented rest, and wants His daughters to rest when they can and enjoy their lives.  Done:______

-The Wise Woman loves her Husband:

3.  Count your blessings! Pick a day where you and your husband take turns listing off 10 things each that you are most thankful for. Really try to be as detailed as possible; don’t be shallow. Take your time and encourage one another to have a grateful heart to the Lord for all of the ways He has blessed you and shown you His love. Done:______

4. Pray for your husband 4 days each week for the next two weeks. Here are some ideas about what to pray:

-Pray for him to know how deeply he is loved by God.

-Ask God to help him to feel your love and for a blessed marriage.

-Pray for his health and for God to heal any illness in his body.

-Ask God to bless his relationships with your children.

-Pray for him to be blessed at work.

You can also ask God what to pray! He will tell you. The main thing is that you do pray.

Day 1______ Day 2______ Day 3______ Day 4______

-The Wise Woman loves her Children: 

5. Let your children take turns recording Philippians 2:3-5 on your phone. Play it over and over this week until you all have it memorized. Celebrate your accomplishment by going out for frozen yogurt, to a park, or some other type of fun outing.          Done:______

6. Pick a couple of days this week to really bless your man, and have some fun with the kids all at the same time. When your husband comes home, go to the door and do what we call the “Daddy dance!” When Dad drives up, everyone goes to the door, starts clapping and singing “Daddy, Daddy Daddy!” What a beautiful way to welcome Dad home and also to show the children how to respect their dad.  Done:______

-The Wise Woman cares for her Home: 

7. Make your bed three days this week.  An easy way to make it is to do one side at a time.

Day 1______ Day 2______ Day 3______

8. Know what’s for dinner by 9 am 3 days this week. Set your meat out to defrost. If you have time, chop your veggies.

Day 1______ Day 2______   Day 3______

9.  On Saturday, take a moment and plan out your menus for next week and your shopping list. Get your shopping done and chop all of your vegetables for the week ahead of time. List your meals here:

Monday         ______________________________________________________________

Tuesday        ______________________________________________________________

Wednesday  ______________________________________________________________

Thursday      ______________________________________________________________

Friday           ______________________________________________________________