Thoughts – Week 2 Mom Tips

by Leslie Leonard

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

The Mom Tips are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian wife, mom, discipler of your children, homemaker, and friend.

Keep this list on your fridge for two weeks. Pick one or two things each week to try and check them off as you do them.   

You can also do more than what is suggested. You do you!  We all are in different stages of our lives.

Simply pray about which Mom Tips to do and do only those. Do what you can and celebrate the fact that you added something new to enhance your life!

 The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit: Done:______

  • Take time for a nice shower this week. While in the bath, bring in your phone or cd player and play some worship songs. Take a few minutes to just stand under the hot water and sing or pray to yourself. This simple act will help clear your mind and bring your focus back to Jesus.
  • Write down the names of your husband and each of your children. Come to the Lord and ask how they need to be loved this week. Write it down on a notecard or in your prayer binder and follow through with what the Lord says to you.

– The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband: Done:______

  • Plan an activity with your children where they write notes or draw pictures about what they love about their dad. You write one too!
  • Elevate your husband in front of others. Be his biggest cheerleader this week. Speak about his accomplishments and great qualities to someone. Practice the principle behind Ephesians 4:29 and “build others up”.

-The Wise Woman Loves Her Children:   Done:______

  • Read your children your favorite story/lesson in the bible. Take the time to explain to them why it is your favorite and ask them to tell you about their favorite bible story.
  • Encourage positive self talk among your children every day this week. Every time you hear them say “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” stop and tell them that They Can and They Are Good Enough. Remind them that they are children of God who are wonderfully and fearfully made. Encourage them to memorize Psalm 139:14 to help them banish negative self talk.

-The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home: Done:______

  • Choose one day this week and clean out that dreaded junk drawer in your kitchen. We all have that one drawer where we put the items that do not have a home. Throw away the garbage and wipe the drawer out completely. If the items have a home somewhere else, take the time to put them away.
  • Clear your schedule this week. Come to the Lord and ask him what items need your time and what can be left off.