Workers at Home Mom Tips

by Deb Weakly

“The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1a

The Mom Tips are meant to enhance your life and role as a Christian wife, mom, discipler of your children, homemaker, and friend.

Keep this list on your fridge for two weeks. Pick one or two things each week to try and check them off as you do them.   

You can also do more than what is suggested. You do you!  We all are in different stages of our lives.

Simply pray about which Mom Tips to do and do only those. Do what you can and celebrate the fact that you added something new to enhance your life!

The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit: Done:______

-If you have small children in your home who are into everything, consider making a “Quiet Time Basket.” Get a simple basket and put your Bible, journal, a pen, candle with matches, and note cards (for writing a friend an encouraging note). When you finish your quiet time, put the basket out of reach of your Little’s so you can keep your quiet time supplies safe and sound, and ready again for next time.

– Before you go to bed, write 5 things you are most thankful for today in your journal.  Do this for 3 days this week.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband: Done:______

-Since we have been learning about being an effective worker at home, ask your husband how you can bless him, and if there is anything you can do for him this week.

– How’s the intimacy in your marriage?  If you’re like most moms with children in the home, it can be a challenge to find time to be together. Prayerfully plan a time to initiate intimacy (lovemaking) with your husband. If this is an area of struggle in your marriage, pray and ask God for help, the desire,  and to bless your intimacy with your husband.

-The Wise Woman Loves Her Children:   Done:______

-Prayerfully consider picking a hymn for each of your children. Make sure you print the hymn out and hang it/ tape it to their wall (eventually get a frame and hang it on your child’s wall), tell the story of the hymn to your child (if you can find it), tell them why you think God gave it to them, and sing it with/for them. For more information on how to pick a hymn for your child click HERE.

-Take turn playing a quick, simple game with your child in bed right before they go to sleep. Take turns with each child, or double/triple up if you have a large family. The card game “Uno” is simple and easy to play in bed. Make sure you leave enough time before bed to do this activity. My children have wonderful memories of card games with Mom or Dad in bed.

-The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home: Done:______

– Get in the habit of making a 6 Most Important’s list before you go to bed. Simply pray about what the most important things God wants you to get done the next day, and write down the top 6. Cross them off during the day as you accomplish them.

Plan your meals for this week. If you are going out or eating leftovers, write that on the line as well.