Start a Help Club at Your Church

Have you ever thought about starting a Help Club for Moms group at your church?

Our 💜 HEART 💜 is for our messages and Bible studies to get into churches everywhere all across the nation! Encouraging moms to love Jesus more, be in meaningful community with other moms, and have God’s love trickle into every area of their lives is what the Help Club for Moms is all about!

We have made it SO EASY for you to start a group! In the back of our new book “The Wise Woman Grows,” there is a whole “Church Resource Section.” We have laid out a format for you to follow at your meetings and we even have a Facebook group dedicated to our Help Club for Moms national group leaders!! In that group, we will mentor you, give you fun ideas to do with your moms and PRAY for you as you dive into God’s word & this study!

Also, here’s a BIG plus: There is NO COST to start or host a Help Club for Moms; simply order the books on Amazon!

It’s quick and easy to begin. Just email us at and we will contact you soon! Easy-peasy!

Ps- Here is the link to check out the NEW Bible study devotional workbook, “The Wise Woman Grows.”

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