15/5 Lent Challenge Reading Plan Printable!

Hey Help Club!! Here is the 15/5 Lent Challenge reading plan!! It’s not too late to get started!  Be sure to print this out and keep it in your Bible to reference during Lent. We are getting our hearts ready for Easter by spending 15 minutes reading the Bible 5 days per week during the 6 weeks of Lent. 🙏

Click here for the 15/5 Lent Challenge Reading Plan Printable!


We also have a Challenge Tracker sheet for your kids to follow along with too! They can color in each box as they read each day! Encourage them to spend 15 minutes with God—if they’re old enough to read have them read their own Bible and if they’re too young to read have them listen to you share the daily verse.

Click here for the Kids Lent Challenge Sheet Printable!


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