15/5 Mom Tips Week 4

We are moving right along and entering into Week 4 of our 15/5 Lent Challenge! If you have just joined us, we are spending 15 minutes in God’s word five days per week during this Lenten season! We have been having such a rich and meaningful time as we dig into God’s Word each day.

Each week we highlight one of our Mom Tips we have been working on throughout these 30 days. This week is focused on loving our kids! We are encouraging you to wake up for your kids instead of to your kids over the remainder of our 30 days (which is about 3 more weeks)!

So, what does this look like? Honestly, we think it’s different for each mama and her family puzzle. For some, it is simply waking up with a smile on your face when your feet hit the floor. For others it may be waking up, already having your morning coffee and greeting each of your kiddos with a warm hug as they roll out of bed. Or maybe it’s making breakfast for your kids or making sure you have your Bible time in before they wake up to have your mind Christ-centered for the day.

Pray to God and ask him what this looks like for you! He is faithful to answer and remember; loving your children is on the top of God’s priority list for you! He gave you these sweet ones to mold and to enjoy! It’s the little things we do each day that make such a great impact for his kingdom!

Praying for you today, mama!

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