A Great Idea to Help You Pray for Your Man

Are you looking for a practical way to show love to your husband this week?
This idea comes from one of our awesome moms, Lauraine!

“Create a prayer page for your husband! It can be part of a prayer journal or one of several laminated prayer pages on a ring. Trace your husband’s hand and attach his picture to the page. Then using God’s Word, find verses you can pray over your husband. For example, Daniel 11:32, “…but he knows His God and will display strength and take action.” Psalm 27:8, “Seek the Lord’s face.” Psalm 42:1 “Passion for the Lord and His Word.” You can continue to add to the page as you spend time in God’s Word.

Another way to encourage your husband this week is to encourage him with scripture or a personal blessing. Use a mirror marker and write at the top of his bathroom mirror a verse or blessing you are praying for him. It will give him insight into your intercession for him.”

Lauraine Bailey

Hi I’m Lauraine!God has blessed me by allowing me to be married to my husband, Wayne, since 1989.He is a good man and dearly loved by his family. We were blessed with 5 children in 8 years. One is married to a good man who loves her well, one is in full-time ministry, and three still live at home.I love being a mom and a homemaker.

I absolutely love God, His word, learning about Him, sharing Him, opening God’s word with others, mentoring, and serving alongside my family and/ or friends.God currently has me teaching adult education classes at the junior college to fragile, precious students.I love reading, yoga, cleaning, exercise, family time, investing in friendships, studying God’s Word, and learning.God has our family in Midland, Texas during this season.God continues to sandpaper my rough edges!

I can relate well to Ruth Bell Graham’s tombstone which reads, “ Construction complete”! I am a work in progress.
Lauraine Bailey

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