Allow Joy to Spring Up Today

Oh, Mama, it is a good thing to long for the sweet presence of Jesus – He washes away the works of man!

Like a mighty river, He cleanses and frees us from the bondage of expectation – “do’s and don’ts” that cripple, burden and weigh us down. Let them fall off, sweet one – look up and let Him love you! It’s not about what you do or don’t do, it’s about who He is! The tangible Presence of Jesus moves impossible mountains looming large because in Him there is nothing to fear! You are completely safe.

Whatever your circumstance today my friend, turn your face upward. Adore your beautiful Savior. Yes, you CAN allow JOY to spring up because all things are possible in this place! Be filled to overflowing with hope, as you bask in His beautiful Presence!

Mari Jo Mast

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