Summer Updates with Deb and Rae-Ellen

Hey Mamas!! Rae-Ellen and I are in Dallas, Texas planning a JOY-FILLED summer here at Help Club for Moms! We decided to do a quick little podcast to help keep everyone up to date on what’s coming in May and … Read More

Holy Monday with Dr. Michelle Anthony

Hey Mamas! Would you like to go deeper into your Holy Week? Join Dr. Michelle Anthony as she unpacks what Jesus was doing on Holy Monday!  There’s is so much to learn about this day!! Click HERE to check out Pastor Michelle’s … Read More

Holy Tuesday with Pastor Brad Baker

Are you ready to learn more about Holy Week? Join Pastor Brad Baker as he takes us on an insightful journey retracing the steps of Jesus on Tuesday of Holy Week! You will LOVE this!! Click this link to follow … Read More

Holy Wednesday with Pastor Daniel Grothe

The Fight for Holy Wednesday! On Holy Wednesday some two thousand years ago, two very opposite but equally costly acts took place. A woman named Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with precious and costly oil, which we’re told is “worth a … Read More

Maundy Thursday with Pastor Andrew Arndt

Humble Love Conquers the World! Happy Maundy Thursday! You are not going to want to miss Pastor Andrew Arndt as he chats about what Jesus was doing on this powerful day of Holy Week! Here’s the scoop on the video: … Read More

Good Friday with Pastor Andrew Arndt

What Makes Good Friday Good? Hello Mamas! Welcome to Good Friday! Isn’t it odd how we call the worst thing that ever happened on planet earth “good”? As in, “Good Friday”? What is it that makes the death of the … Read More