The Importance of Gratitude

Check out this week’s Joy Builder video here! “Gratitude is the cornerstone of a joyful attitude.” Tommy Newberry   As we head into Week 3 of our Joy Challenge for Moms, Tommy shares why a heart of gratefulness and appreciation is … Read More

Get Out of Your Rut!

Click here for the video! Living life in a “rut” does not bring us joy. Although we can create good ruts by creating good habits, it is great to break out of a rut by switching things up every now … Read More

Proactive vs. Reactive Thinking

Check out this week’s Joy Builder video here! “If we let somebody else take our joy by reacting to them, then we’ve surrendered our joy.” – Tommy Newberry Today’s lesson challenges us to make a simple change in how we … Read More

Anxiety is Double-Mindedness

Click here for the video!   Many of us (if not all!) have unfortunately experienced some form of anxiety. Today, Deb shares the truth that God revealed to her about anxiety and how He can help us stay strong when … Read More

Change Those Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts!

Click here for the video! Do you ever find yourself thinking thoughts that are critical or negative about yourself and others? Check out this tip about changing our negative, critical thoughts to positive, productive ones!  

Joy Builder Video Week 1

Click here for the video… Its GO time! Today we are kicking off our Joy Challenge for Moms! Every Monday, Tommy Newberry & the Help Club for Moms will share a video to introduce each week’s challenges (or should we … Read More

Get Up FOR Your Kids

Click here for the video… Here’s a little secret to having more JOY in your everyday life! Get up FOR your kids. “She gets up while it’s still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant … Read More