Joy is yours, Mama. You just have to choose it.

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Hey mamas! This is Brandi Carson and today I want to be real with you. There is an enemy out there who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He gets after us any way he can, even convincing us in our mind that we are bad moms, wives, our circumstances will never change, that we deserve the bad circumstances that happen in our lives.

This. Is. Not. True. Period. These are lies from the enemy.

In my life, there have been many trials. The enemy is constantly opposing me, my family, and marriage, and even the relationship I have with my children. He wants me and my family to lose. I have a very strong-willed child, diagnosed with ADHD, odd, sensory issues and more. We battle daily with these issues. This has caused tension in my marriage making it extremely hard at times. We had recently moved every 6 months for two years for my husband’s job, which had many blessings, but for a mom of 5, you can imagine the hardships that come along with that. It also made it difficult to address any health concerns, emotional, mental, and physical, until we finally settled down again. When we finally did get settled again it opened up many cans of worms that were waiting to be addressed. It’s a daily battle most of the time to keep the enemy at bay. He’s waiting for me to give in to lies he so meticulously has crafted for me and win. To break down and be taken over by my circumstances. I won’t let him win. Some days I am weak and I don’t feel strong enough. Those days I lean into God, and call my friends and they pray with me, let me cry, and encourage me by speaking truths into me when I can’t see them myself.

Joy begins with identifying when Satan is on the attack and speaking lies into your life. Recognizing these lies for what they are and choosing to speak truth over those lies. Joy comes thinking and dwelling on all the good in your life, even in midst of hardships. The small blessings around you that we forget to see. Joy comes from dwelling on the positive, life building thoughts that Christ has spoken over your life, even when you can’t see beyond your circumstances. Joy comes from doing these things over and over and over until you believe them to be true and doing them again.

Joy is yours, Mama. You just have to choose it.

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