Cleaning Compass Printable

The Cleaning Compass is a great tool to help you get your home ready for the holidays by easily tracking your “stem-to-stern” house cleaning. With this guide, will know what has been cleaned and when. This record gives you confidence that your house is “mostly” clean all the time. So instead of panicking when someone drops by unexpectedly or when you entertain this holiday season, you can greet your guest with a smile and no apologies!

And if you are too busy this month to finish everything in the Cleaning Compass, don’t despair! You will have another chance next month. This plan is intended to bring you freedom, not enslave you. Go with the flow! Remember, you do you!

Click here to access the Cleaning Compass printable!

Ps- Here is a video from Melissa explaining the “Cleaning Compass” printable when used for the holiday season. You can apply these same principles to your everyday life as well.

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