Come To The Garden- Mom Tips Week Two

Each week we are highlighting a different element of what we are doing over this 15/5 Lent Challenge! One of those elements is reading our Bible’s for 15 minutes a day for 30 days! This very simple act of simply reading your Bible for 15 minutes can completely change your day and heart towards yourself and those you love. The words of bible are written to encourage and equip you to be more like Jesus every day! Through his words you will learn how to live a Christ-centered life, love others well, spread the gospel to others, and find true joy in our fallen world.

Don’t give up, mama! Missing a day or two doesn’t mean you should quit! Persevere and push through. Each and every word you read is changing your mind and heart for the better, no matter if you complete 12 or all 30 days! We are rooting for YOU!

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