Day Two: Hearing God’s Voice

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

Did you know that God speaks? The Bible says that if you’re one of His sheep, He speaks to you, and you hear His voice. It’s a fact. And there are no other requirements involved. He is the good shepherd (John 10:11), and you are His sheep. And as His sheep, you hear His voice.

Have you ever heard God’s voice? What did it sound like? When God speaks, it often feels like an impression or a knowing. God’s voice usually sounds like a quiet, peaceful voice in your mind. To hear a quiet voice, you must be still. So when you ask Him a question, be patient, be still, and wait for Him. He will answer! He loves you so much!

And remember: Always check what you have heard in the Bible. God will never contradict His Word or His character (who He is) when He talks to you.


Ask God what He has for you today, whatever your specific circumstance or need. Then, record what He says, and thank Him for loving you!

With love, Linda

Linda Steppenbacker
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