Declare a “No TV Night”

Declaring a “No TV Night” or week can be a little scary. For us, it was no electronics, and it usually lasted about a week or two. This was our way of reconnecting and reestablishing the rhythm of our home.

The way to make a No TV night work is intentionality. Don’t wing it, have a plan and prepare your family. You don’t have to announce No TV tonight, but instead, have some options ready to offer out as things to do. And be open to your kiddos’ suggestions. Sometimes a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors can be a lot of fun. Remember the point is to strengthen family time and heartstrings.

During our week-long hiatuses, the kids usually were a little disgruntled for a couple days, but after that, the creative juices started flowing again. Laughter and legos filled the house on overdrive. Our family read-alouds were longer and met with excitement and enthusiasm. Board games and gingersnaps took the place of the gaming system. The rhythms of our home were reestablished and even some new traditions began.

Now our littles are in college and high school, but we still take time to turn off the electronics and reconnect. Sometimes it’s at home over a family favorite book, or at our favorite coffee shop with a deck of cards. Either way, we are intentional to unplug and reconnect. So take the leap! Turn off the TV and electronics for a
night…or maybe longer and see what happens! It’s worth the effort, for “Children are a heritage from the Lord, they are a reward from Him.” Psalms 127:3


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